Silver BDM pendant

BDMs! These are some examples of "Intricate" pieces, that I have made and sold. I can weave your specific number BDM pendant into any custom price point or style. Tap to find out more or give me a call.

Intricate Triple bracelet
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"Thins" consist of 4 strands. Anything 8 strands or more I consider to be intricate, as I can put a lot more detail and pattern into the fiber just by adding strands in multiples of 4.

The amount of strands (width) is typically determined by these 3 things: 1.centerpiece or beads desired to be incorporated (either yours, mine or a mixture of both), 2.what type of person is it for and 3.where it will be worn. It all depends on how much money you want to spend. Typically, you will know whether you want a necklace, choker, anklet, or bracelet through these choices. I have made custom intricates as eyeglass holders, hat bands, motorcycle tank covers, light name it. All depends on how much money you want to spend.

I am always making new intricates. The images shown as examples may or may not be still available, but I can always make you something like it and they can give you an idea of how much that style sells for. The images can be used to give you an idea of what you may like and I can recreate something new for you as a new custom piece. Example-if it's is shown as a choker, I can make you that style in an anklet or bracelet.

If you are interested in a getting an "intricate" you can give a call, I will ask you a few simple questions and we can go from there. Typically you may know whether u want a necklace choker anklet or bracelet, if you want light, brown or black fiber, and how thick you want it...I will guide you thru these choices depending on your personality, and the beads involved. The big decision is how much money you wish to spend. I can give you an idea of what certain style pieces sell for, and if you have an idea of what style you like and how much you wish to spend, then I can make you a custom piece in a style you like -in your specific price range that works for you.

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