What number BDM are you?!!

Silver BDM pendant

We've been asking for it for years and well, here it is! An officially licensed, numbered, 3-D antique brushed nickel BDM pendant

designed by me "Chattin' With The Masters" Jenna Hirt! Brought to you by Tying Tribes made possible by the INCOMPARABLE Danger Brain in collaboration with the guys! ~Tom and Dan! This is our opportunity to finally show off our BDM status in a necklace form that can be worn everyday that YOU customize for yourself or for a gift. You choose the color fiber, beads, and style, and your numbered BDM pendant will be woven into it. If you would like to have your specific Founder's number on your pendant "Just Let Me Know" and if you have any questions that are not answered here (BDM Pendant FAQs) then give me a call. I'll be happy to accommodate. Just "Be cool bro" or "GTFO".......BDM fo lyfe!

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To order your BDM pendant, follow the shopping flow by first picking your color fiber, then scroll to choose your beads, input length & wooolah!

Black Fiber
Black band with BDM pendant

Example:Black Fiber

Black bands

For BDMs that are bold.
*The black fiber has more of a pop.

Black Fiber Styles
Brown Fiber
Brown band with BDM pendant

Example:Brown Fiber

Brown bands

For BDMs that are more earthy.
*The brown fiber has a muted blending soft tone.

Brown Fiber Styles
Light Fiber
Light band with BDM pendant

Example:Light Fiber

Light bands

For BDM girls that wear silver or gold jewelry.
*The light fiber gets better with age and antiques to a color more like cotton or linen.

Light Fiber Styles
Intricate jewelry choicesIntricate jewelry choices
Custom BDM Intricate Ideas
Tom and Dan Merchandise
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Danger Brain Design Illustration Logos
Visit Danger Brain

Without The Danger Brain, this would not have been possible...

Sebastian took my sketched hotel napkin idea and turned it into reality by creating the Vector art needed to send off to the pendant casting company. He is an absolute pleasure to work with, easy going, timely and professional. He is a true artist who put his unique touches on this original design made specifically for these pendants. Please contact The Danger Brain for any branding and logo work. Much gratitude goes out to The Danger Brain.

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