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Intricately woven fiber jewelry

Souled since 1990

Design the perfect thin anklet, bracelet, choker
and necklace for you or for a gift


Design the perfect thin anklet, bracelet, choker
and necklace for you or for a gift

Light thin bands
Light Thins
Brown thin bands
Brown Thins
Black thin bands
Black Thins
example of what intricates can look like
Intricates and Custom
For Men and Women
Hands weaving

Handwoven fiber jewelry that looks natural but can withstand years of wear even in water. Each piece is tailored through style and size to every individual, adorned with many unique handmade and hand collected beads from my world travels, and all are guaranteed. Follow the shopping flow to find the perfect thin piece for you or for a gift. Special orders of intricate and custom using your special objects d’art or mine are welcome.

How worn fiber looks
These are my personal pieces. The choker is 18 years old and anklet is 19 years old. It shows the durability of the fiber and clasps through years of wear in the ocean, shower, pool and my life's adventures around the world. The pattern and intricacy does not get mushy through the years as you can see all the detail is still present after almost two decades! The light fiber gets "less orange" and "antiques" as the beeswax wears off from the oils in your skin, shampoo and water wear. The dark fiber typically stay dark. Although the fiber LOOKS natural, it is synthetic. It is soft and stays soft. Because it is synthetic, it does not absorb moisture- so it doesn't get smelly or stretch or shrink and end up breaking down when you get them wet and they dry. I refer to these as "Classic" patterns on the Intricates & Custom page. I recreate them often as custom pieces interchanging beads, length of pattern and fiber color.

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