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BDMs !!! If you heard my Chattin' with The Masters, then you heard this before.... but if not ~ I have been hand making and selling my line of jewelry since 1990. I started in high school selling to classmates and teachers alike. Growing up near Daytona Beach, I would walk up and down the sand during spring break and throughout the summers selling to beach goers and to surf shops and boutiques throughout the state. When high school ended, I began extensively traveling the United States and soon after, the world. I would sell my jewelry at concerts and festivals all the while collecting new pendants and beads to be used in special pieces. My love for creating, selling and meeting new people has fueled my love for traveling and adventure...and vise versa. I hand make some of the glass and ceramic beads in my studio, I drill and sand bone, seeds and nuts that I also hand dye and collect along with natural shells and oddities. Most all are sought out and found during my world travels in markets, shops and on my many exotic and extreme adventures across the globe. Each piece I make is an original, though certain themes and styles reoccur throughout my work. Thank you for reading this and I can't wait to see you at the next Meet-up!

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